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Catherine Harmon is a mother and an author, with a Bachelors degree in Psychology. Her first book was published in 2009, entitled, I do…Until Death do us Part? However, it is currently off the market due to revisions. In 2017, she started a book series entitled, Us Against the World. The book series contains the difficulties we face when going against the world during different seasons of our lives and to truly understand God’s love and lean on it.  




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As a teenager or young adult it is the time where we face the most temptations and struggles from this world. We face the temptations that range anywhere from sex to drugs, depression to confusion, as well as so many more that will be discussed in this book.  This season is the most vulnerable time that the enemy of this world tries to convince you of going down the wrong path.  Sadly, during this time as normal teens and young adults, we wind up choosing and doing things that are not always good for us. That is the naturally rebellious fleshly side of us.  Some of us want to do the right thing and not conform to the “normality” of being a teen, but if we are honest here, most of us just can’t. But, if there is anything that is important to know about these struggles, it’s that they are all weapons that are formed against us by the enemy of the world, to knock us out and keep us down from the path that God has for us.  But, what is even more important to know above that is that God loves us through those struggles and He has a plan for each and every one of us. 




Us Against the World…Embracing God's Love, Singles and Dating



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  Us Against the World… 

Naturally Rebellious, But Loved

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