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Catherine Harmon is a mother and an author, with a Bachelors degree in Psychology. Her first book was published in 2009, entitled, I do…Until Death do us Part? However, it is currently off the market due to revisions. In 2017, she started a book series entitled, Us Against the World. The book series contains the difficulties we face when going against the world during different seasons of our lives and to truly understand God’s love and lean on it. 


Outside of writing, she ventures with her pre-teen daughter and college son in their extra curricular activities.  She teaches divorce care class weekly and is a ministerial counselor at her church.  As she goes through her current journey, she continues to write the books in this series as a healing process to completeness in God’s goodness. Her next book in the series focuses on teenagers. Please look for the next books in this series, Us Against the World, as follows:


Books already published:

❖ Us Against the World… How God’s Love Conquers All: For Married Couples

❖ Us Against the World… Before Saying, “I Do,” Knowing True Love: For Engaged Couples

❖ Us Against the World…God Hates Divorce, but Loves you More: For Divorced and Separated

❖ Us Against the World… Naturally Rebellious, but Loved: For Teens

(Releasing in Spring 2020)

Books in the making:

❖ Us Against the World… Embracing God’s Love: For Singles

If you need prayer or have questions, Catherine is available and can be reached at

Jaden Harmon

Actor & Co-Author

Jaden Harmon was born in Houston, TX, but traveled all over the world because of his acting career at such an early age.  He can be seen on various TV shows like, One Tree Hill, Drop Dead Diva, Law and Order, Homeland,  The Game, Blue Bloods and other shows. 

He has one younger sister and one older brother.


He is studying at Centenary College of Louisiana where he plays soccer at the collegiate level and plans to major in Psychology.  

He feels lead to be a minister for teenagers and young adults. He regularly participates in speaking engagements at the church campus. 

As he transitions into adulthood, he hopes that his testimonies and wisdom will help others.

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